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 I've discovered I'm shite at Gears.

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PostSubject: I've discovered I'm shite at Gears.   Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:35 am

Yep I've been a Gears player since day one with my buddy "The Blue Oyster" ...sorry "Omen". I've spent countless hours playing Horde, campaign & quite a bit of multiplayer.

However with the release of this UE I've discovered I'm totally crap at it.

What's with the Lancer/tickle stick? I think I'd do more damage farting on my opponent than using the Lancer in this game.

It's quite frankly a Gnasher fest that feels like it's more luck than judgment as to whether you get a kill.

Others seem to be great at it though which leads me to think that it is just me that is crap at the game.

I managed to get a few cheevos though by hiding at the back and letting players with some skill win the matches for me.

I even managed the cheevo for coming top, by running around with my chainsaw in KOTH capping points....This seemed to enrage my own teammates (randoms) as I got a load of abuse spewing out of my Kinect. Laughing

I'm not seeing a long term investment in the MP if I'm being honest. lol

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PostSubject: Re: I've discovered I'm shite at Gears.   Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:17 am

Maybe it's just about getting back into the swing of it. I'm not looking forward to my 1st MP match. I still play gears 3 MP sometimes but it's mostly me vs bots. Might take some time to get my mojo back Wink


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I've discovered I'm shite at Gears.
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