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 Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3

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PostSubject: Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3   Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:53 am

Really quick question ... is this forum still active..? AND I'm sure that there is something like this, but much better somewhere else but I wanted to try and make one, so please no hate, just input Smile

Hey Guys! This is KittyCittyKat's Leveling Guide! So, before I begin, let me get a few things straight.
1- This guide is meant for Gears of War THREE, if it doesn't work on another Gears game, don't ask why. Smile
2- This guide has boosting involved, I will try to label the areas where boosting occurs with a sign that will be easily noticeable.
3- This guide is long, if you don't read it all and are not able to level OR if the certain topic you wanted isn't here, ask me and I can check it out for you.
That's all - Let's begin! Very Happy

First, we'll begin with the levels themselves. I will give the total amount of XP for each level and then the total amount of XP for all 100 levels, which I will then multiply by x4, this will be the amount of XP you will need to achieve from level 1 - 400. Please note that this is if you are starting at level 1 without re-ups.

Level 1 - 0 XP
Level 2 - 1,000 XP
Level 3 - 2,500 XP
Level 4 - 4,500 XP
Level 5 - 7,000 XP
Level 6 - 10,000 XP
Level 7 - 13,500 XP
Level 8 - 17,500 XP
Level 9 - 22,000 XP
Level 10 - 27,125 XP
Level 11 - 32,875 XP
Level 12 - 39,250   (You understand by now that this is XP right Smile )
Level 13 - 46,250
Level 14 - 53,875
Level 15 - 62,175
Level 16 - 71,000
Level 17 - 80,500
Level 18 - 90,625
Level 19 - 101,375
Level 20 - 112,875
Level 21 - 125,125
Level 22 - 138,125
Level 23 - 151,875
Level 24 - 166,375
Level 25 - 181,625
Level 26 - 197,675
Level 27 - 214,375
Level 28 - 231,875
Level 29 - 250,125
Level 30 - 269,125
Level 31 - 288,875
Level 32 - 309,375
Level 33 - 330,625
Level 34 - 352,625
Level 35 - 375,375
Level 36 - 398,875
Level 37 - 423,125
Level 38 - 448,125
Level 39 - 473,875
Level 40 - 500,375
Level 41 - 527,625
Level 42 - 555,625
Level 43 - 584,375
Level 44 - 613,875
Level 45 - 644,125
Level 46 - 675,125
Level 47 - 706,875
Level 48 - 739,375
Level 49 - 772,625
Level 50 - 806,750
Level 51 - 841,750
Level 52 - 877,625
Level 53 - 914,375
Level 54 - 952,000
Level 55 - 990,500
Level 56 - 1,029,875
Level 57 - 1,070,125
Level 58 - 1,111,250
Level 59 - 1,153,250
Level 60 - 1,196,250
Level 61 - 1,240,250
Level 62 - 1,285,250
Level 63 - 1,331,250
Level 64 - 1,378,250
Level 65 - 1,426,250
Level 66 - 1,475,250
Level 67 - 1,525,250
Level 68 - 1,576,250
Level 69 - 1,628,250
Level 70 - 1,681,250
Level 71 - 1,735,250
Level 72 - 1,790,250
Level 73 - 1,846,250
Level 74 - 1,903,250
Level 75 - 1,961,250
Level 76 - 2,020,250
Level 77 - 2,080,250
Level 78 - 2,141,250
Level 79 - 2,203,250
Level 80 - 2,266,750
Level 81 - 2,331,750
Level 82 - 2,398,250
Level 83 - 2,466,250
Level 84 - 2,535,750
Level 85 - 2,606,750
Level 86 - 2,679,250
Level 87 - 2,753,250
Level 88 - 2,828,750
Level 89 - 2,905,750
Level 90 - 2,984,250
Level 91 - 3,064,250
Level 92 - 3,145,750
Level 93 - 3,228,750
Level 94 - 3,313,250
Level 95 - 3,399,250
Level 96 - 3,486,750
Level 97 - 3,575,750
Level 98 - 3,666,250
Level 99 - 3,758,250
Level 100 - 3,851,750 XP Total.

Three million is big, am I right, but to intensify this even more, you need 4x that to get to the maximum level - 15,407,000 to be exact. To get this much is a chore since you can only get between 10,000 to 70,000 per normal game. What I mean by that is many people don't play the Team Deathmatch with 35 respawns and 15 rounds. A lot of people do lower than the maximum for all of the modes, so XP doesn't come quickly even if you do the maximum settings for a game.
(You will not be able to get level 400 unless you have the DLC that allows re-ups. If you do not have this DLC than you will be stuck with Bronze Wings. This DLC is the "Fenix Rising". Which allows Re-Ups from your war journal (Stats and Awards) from which you just press X and agree to Re-Up.)

Modes. Modes are the types of matches or games you play. These different modes have different objectives as to what to do so you can find one you like and leveling should be easy. Smile Assuming you don't get bored. These different modes include:

Team Deathmatch - Kill the enemy team a certain number of times. XP comes quickly when playing this mode.
TDM Lancer/Gnasher - Kill the enemy team a certain number of times. Lancer and Gnasher starting weapons only. Not sure about XP, never played this mode.
Warzone - Eliminate the enemy team. You have only one life per round. Rounds end quickly so XP doesn't really stack up much per game, but the consecutive match bonus should help a small amount.
Execution - Eliminate the enemy team. You have only one life per round. You must execute your enemies or kill them instantly with a weapon that can do so (Gnasher/Sawed-Off Shotguns for example). Rounds end quickly so XP doesn't really stack up but the consecutive match bonus should help a small amount.
Guardian - Eliminate the enemy team leader to prevent respawns for the rest of the enemy team. You need "Forces of Nature DLC". Much like capture the leader except taken to the next level, protect your leader with your life and XP should come quickly.
King of the Hill - Capture and Hold objective rings to score enough points to win. This game-mode I think gives the most XP since there is no limit as to how many times you can die or kill someone else on the enemy team. Hence, if you don't try and get the ring as often as you should or make the games' settings longer than usual then XP should come very fast.
TDM no DLC - Kill the enemy team a certain number of times. This mode is without Fenix Rising Maps. XP comes quickly, but if you are used to some of the maps on Fenix Rising, than this could be troublesome or tedious.
Hype Execution Cycle - I don't know what this mode is nor what the XP from it is like. Any input would be helpful.

Forces of Nature:
Old School - King Of The Hill and Execution with Lancer and Gnasher starting weapons. Stopping power and weapon skins disabled. Never played so I don't know what the XP is like.
Capture the Leader - Capture and hold the opposing teams leader while protecting your own leader. XP should come quickly as long as you protect you leader efficiently.
Wingman - Two player teams, try to eliminate the other opposing three teams. You get one life per round and rounds end quickly so XP doesn't come quickly, but the consecutive match bonus should help a small amount.
One Shot, One Kill - Kill the enemy team a certain number of times. Longshots only. XP should come quickly since these modes are fun. Smile
Torque Bow Tag - Kill the enemy team a certain number of times. Torque Bows only. XP should come quickly since these modes are fun (again) Smile

All Modes minus "Old School", "One Shot, One Kill", "Torque Bow Tag", "TDM Lancer/Gnasher", "Guardian", and "TDM No DLC". Another setting not in the other sections is the manipulation of bot settings. BOOSTING Setting the bots to casual and filling the teams with them should net you some hefty XP if you play long enough.

Horde - Fight wave after wave of locust horde (Lambent enemies included). You can have up to 4 other co-op players to help you fight them. XP comes fairly quickly the longer you play. So I suggest setting a goal to get "Long Hauler" ribbons since it gives XP and you have a goal to complete horde.
Beast - Destroy waves of stranded and COG heroes as quickly as possible with up to 4 other co-op players. This mode is much quicker than horde, only lasting about 20-45 minutes per game (Assuming you complete it) and fetching you some decent XP. Although not as much as horde from what I've seen.

This is where I tell you all the methods I have come across while I was leveling up to 400. I will start off by explaining only a few methods (But I will add more, as long as there's an edit ability for my post). This post is long and a break is necessary.

Method One - Just playing the game Smile I know this sounds like some sick joke, right? You read everything above and this is what you get? Yup. As you play the game, you gain ribbons and medals. These medals turn into Onyx medals. Those medals gain a large amount of XP. Ribbons also gain you XP and are much more plentiful. I would know, I have 29k "The Double" ribbons. tongue   All of your levels will come in time if you use this method.

Method Two - Onyx Medal BOOSTING. Onyx Medals not only get you a lot of XP, but also net you 100 gamerscore from the Seriously 3.0 achievement (X-Box). So to Onyx Medal Boost you need a few things, such as:
-A second controller
-Possibly another real player to help you
-I'll think of more as I go along because I'm sure I missed some tongue

Certain Onyx Medals require different ways. I'll explain a few and if you ask me about another I'm sure someone else will come to the rescue and reply to you, but even if that happens I will also add it for future reference.

Vengeful medal: Execute 100 nemeses. You need a second controller or someone to help you. Make a game without bots on the map checkout, take your second player and kill your main player five times, or if you have a friend, have him kill you five times. Then you go and kill your friend, or the second player. Repeat this 100 times. The match will end before you have the achievement so you will have to exit and recreate the match unless you like the maps that come up or it doesn't bother you.

Veteran Medal: Play 4,000 matches. You only need yourself and something to do while you die or win 4,000 times over. You do not need to win the matches so you can simply create a warzone game, set the bots to insane, rounds to win to 1 (or 2 if you're feeling lucky to get the skunker medal as well) and then leave the game be. There are other medals you can get with this same boosting method, such as match winner medal, hard target medal, and battle mistress (if you make your character a female). Good luck.

That is all for now, I'm sorry Sad Sad  I will add more information later on, I promise Smile Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3   Tue Mar 03, 2015 5:05 pm

I will add more information later, but as of now I would appreciate it if people would ask about what they want, because I don't want to be putting things that are useless/not of use to the people seeing this. :/
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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3   Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:49 pm

A turbo controller comes in very handy for boosting.

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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3   Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:02 pm

Nice guide, will come in handy when we get a remastered Gears

Thanks 😄👍


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PostSubject: Re: Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3   

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Leveling Guide: Gears of War 3
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