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 Recording Voice On Xbox One WITHOUT Kinect!

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PostSubject: Recording Voice On Xbox One WITHOUT Kinect!   Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:52 am

I hope this helps someone. If you find something wrong with this idea please let me know.

As some of you may know I dislike Kinect greatly and I've been agonizing over how to capture chat and my own voice for the Play 4 PawZ stream on May 9. Finally today I found a video on YouTube that has sparked ideas on how to achieve my goal! Serenity and I were hanging out on the 360 talking about this issue after todays tournament. I decided to search YouTube for the 1000 time and this time I hit pay dirt! It must have been the combination of words I used... I'll show you the video first then I'll show and try to explain what we've come up with...

So using the knowledge this guy has endowed us with brought this solution into our mellons. To be honest it was almost all Serenity but I did help a tiny bit. You all have to remember I have no idea about these kinds of things.

I use Elgato Game Capture HD too record and stream. Elgato has a feature that will capture my voice right onto the gameplay. On 360 I just use my Astro A40s stream output (which captures my voice). I use a "10 Ft. Audio-Video Video AV 3-Ring 4 Conductor Pole 3.5mm Male to Male Plugs Cable" that I purchased from Amazon over a year ago. It goes from the Astro mix amp to the computer mic jack and then turn on the voice capture on the Elgato software and boom there it is!

This is how I'm going to capture chat and my voice on the Xbox One...
I'm going to need:

1) Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter (which I preordered today cuse I'm gonna need it anyway) - jack and then turn on the voice capture on the Elgato software and boom there it is!

2) 2.5mm Stereo "Y" Cable: 2.5mm Stereo Plug to two 2.5mm Jacks -

3) 2.5mm to 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable -

4) 3.5mm 4-Pin to 2x 3-Pin 3.5mm Headset Splitter Adapter -

5) 10 Ft. Audio-Video Video AV 3-Ring 4 Conductor Pole 3.5mm Male to Male Plugs Cable (which I already have) -

If I buy everything from Amazon it will cost just under $49.00. Since I myself already have the one cable it'll cost right around $42.00 If I take off the $25.00 gift certificate I used to preorder the adapter today it's going to cost me
right around $17.00.  

The headset adapter is going to go into the controller of course. The 2.5mm Y will go into the adapter. Then plug my chat cable for my headset into the y and to my headset. In the other female connector we plug in the 2.5 mm male plug end of stereo audio cable.
The 3.5 mm male end of that cable will go into one of the female connections of 3.55 mm split that will be plugged into the mic jack on my computer. The last part is plugging in the "Audio-Video Video AV 3-Ring 4 Conductor Pole 3.5mm Male to Male Plugs Cable". This will go from the stream port on my Astro mix amp into the 3.55 mm female jack on the Y that is plugged into the computer. This will feed both the party chat voices and my voice into the same mic jack on the computer and directly into the Elgato software which will record and stream it right onto the gameplay. It sounds crazy but we are certain this will work. I will wait until the adapter is in my hands before I order the wire and y splitters I need. As soon as I know for sure this works I'll let you all know. Here is a diagram Serenity drew if you need a visual.
Keep in mind since I found a cable that has a 2.55 mm jack on one end and a 3.55 mm jack on the other we will not need the adapter on the right side of the diagram. With any luck Microsoft will come to their senses and put in voice settings like the 360 has but since it deals with making us use the Kinect I highly doubt it.

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Recording Voice On Xbox One WITHOUT Kinect!
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